Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Massachusetts will be under the umbrella of the NACHP ( National Association for Cultural and Heritage Preservation) a tribally chartered business of the Mattakeeset Tribe of the Massachuset Nation and will serve as an oranization that has a mandate to learn the truth about what happened in the past and in the present  to inform all people and residence of Massachusetts about the atrocities that indian peoples and their tribes faced and still face today. The Commission will document the truth of what happened and what  continues to happen by relying on records held by those who operate state agencies, historical societys, historic commissions, genealogical societys and many more. The TRC Massachusetts will hear first hand account testimonies from officials of agencies, organizations, universities, faith based organizations, tribes, tribal organizations, tribal individuals and concerned community residents who have been affected by the oppressive behavior and trauma afflicted upon indigenous Massachusett tribes and indian, aboriginal, native, or indigenous as to whom through self determination they wish to identify as.

The Commission hopes to guide and inspire Massachusetts based Tribal Nations and peoples  in a process of truth and healing leading toward reconciliation and renewed relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. 

The Commission views reconciliation as an ongoing individual and collective process that will require participation from all those affected by our oppressive society and discriminative experience. This includes Massachusetts tribal nations, indians, colored peoples, students, their families, communities, religious groups, court authorities, law enforcement, Hospital and staff, government, and the people of Massachusetts.

What will the TRC do?

The TRC will:
Prepare a complete commission that consists of 5 committees that will commit to assessing and evaluating direct past and present violations comitted against Massachusetts tribal peoples from an indigenous perspective. Complete a public report in the fashion of a UPR United Nations style  ( Universal Periodic Review ) and draft recommendations to the parties of where and who the Indian violations made or have been comitted against. We seek to establish a local research centre within a tribal government center / building  that will be a lasting resource and healing opportunity for indian and non indian peoples.

TRC Activities

Statement Gathering:
Provide a holistic, culturally appropriate and safe setting for Indian tribes and peoples,  their families and communities in which to share their experiences with the Commission. Anyone affected by the oppressive behavior of society might share his or her story by providing a written or recorded statement, in a private one-on-one interview or through a public discussion/ forum wheather they are indigenous or not. Participation is voluntary and participants can choose how they want to share. REMEBER TRUTH IS HEALING !!!!

Local Events:
TRC Massachusetts will commit to hosting seven statewide events in different regions of Massachusetts.

Community Events:

Support community events designed by individual communities to meet their unique needs.

Coordinate document collection and undertake specific research to be incorporated into the TRC Report and the Local Research Centre.

Public Education:
Support outreach, media and communication efforts.

Support commemoration activities that honour Massachusett indigenous peoples, tribes, places, and significant events or ceremonies and pay tribute in a lasting manner. 

Health Support
Health Support will be provided by co counseling groups throughout Massachusetts. Health support includes professional counseling, co and peer counseling, one on one discharging sessions and Resolution Health Support Workers, and tribal Elder support through traditional talking circles and counseling sessions

Organizational Structure
Committe members will provide vision and direction to the lead members on the sterring comitee and lead facilitator of the TRC team, who work together to carry out the mandate of the TRC.The TRC's local meeting space will be in the trustees office of the Newton Library in Newton Massachusetts. The TRC will have smaller offices in designated and donated office space areas around Massachusetts.  Over time, the TRC will engage a limited number of staff in each region of the state. The 10-member steering commitee advises the over all  Commission.